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Most property investors that come to Rodschinson have a clear mission: they are seeking guaranteed returns that beat inflation and provide attractive mid- and long- term investment opportunities. Many of them show a keen interest in car park investments, a commercial real estate opportunity that parks capital in a relatively stable and hassle-free property asset.

The keys of ROD PARKING

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Car parks as a business case

In the investment context, car parks are increasingly popular in many parts of the world, particularly since available parking spaces are increasingly scarce while the uptake of driving is still on the rise. Particularly in busy urban areas car park fees and rental agreements offer lucrative deals.

Brick wall in construction as part of a real estate development project

Buy and lease long-term

As an alternative investment, investors seek to acquire blocks of property or entire car parks as they then aim to strike lease agreements with tenants who will run and operate the parking business, usually a property management company. Rodschinson has long-standing relationships with players on both sides of the transaction.
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Regulation and hassle-free

One reason why many first-time real estate investors express an interest in the car park proposition is because the assets are relatively regulation and hassle-free, while its supply is limited but demand continues to be high. The criteria that are set for car parks by public bodies, local authorities and others are often simple and straightforward, with few confusing exceptions or later-added conditions.

Operational know-how can be modest

The operational knowledge and experience on the side of the investor can be modest, in contrast to, for example, retail or hotels. Those who are planning to pump fresh capital in this type of alternative asset do not require to have extensive know-how as the operational and commercial side of the leasing business and its execution is limited. Often, Rodschinson’s global team of experts can help clients to find a suitable property management company that turns around and sub-leases the car parking spaces to customers on an annual basis.

A low-risk undertaking

One of the main reasons many of our clients prefer car parks over other alternative asset types is the low-risk element of the property. A car park investment is a low-risk proposition given the fact that demand for parking continues to be high. Many of the investors Rodschinson works with often snap up returns of 8 to 9% annually.

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If you are thinking of rolling out a parking development project or taking part in a parking investment, please do get in touch.

Our team will be delighted to tell you more about the different stages in this investment cycle, and how to plan and coordinate any such project accordingly. Based on dozens of practical examples and client cases, we can demonstrate our vast market experience and expertise.

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